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Getting Rid Of Your Electric Bill

Now we all want to lower or get rid of bills. This story will allow you to reduce, get rid of, or even get paid by the electric utility. This story is one that the electric utility doesn't want you to know about. I've found two programs that will help you achieve this dream. They are both DIY type of programs that give you the plans to create your own electricity and thus reducing or even reversing the electric meter. If you reverse the electric meter then the electric utility corporation must pay you for the electricity you've added onto the power grid.

Plan 1: The first program is a plan to help you build your own solar cell panels for a small fraction of the cost of a typical prefabricated panel. The program guides you into installing the panels and providing yourself a backup plan for all your electric needs. Checkout Home Made Energy right now.

Plan 2: The second prgram is a plan to build a Howard Johnson motor to drive an electric generation system. This program provides you with detailed plans to create the motor and connect it to the generators to eliminate the need for the power grid. But why eliminate the grid, just put the power on the grid and reduce, eliminate and reverse your power consumption so that the electric utility company pays you. Checkout Produce Free Electricity right now.